Reduce Errors, Increase Productivity, Improve Quality

Improve Attention to Detail

"I help individuals and organizations become more detail oriented to reduce errors, increase productivity, and improve quality."

-- Chris Denny

Famous Quotes About Attention to Detail

"The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail."

- Charles R. Swindoll

"Instilling attention to detail throughout your new company will prove especially important when the business begins to gain ground. Employees across the business should be focusing on getting it right all day, every day."

- Richard Branson

"Success in any endeavor requires single-minded attention to detail and total concentration."

- Willie Sutton (Bank Robber)

"Game management is accomplished by staying constantly alert and then reading and reacting to potential problem situations before they materialize. It all boils down to paying attention to details."

- Jim Evans

"A man's accomplishments in life are the cumulative effect of his attention to detail."

- John Foster Dulles

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